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Child Trafficking Safe House

Amour Safe House is dedicated to rescuing child trafficking survivors.

We offer holistic healing, mental health care, medical care, education, alternative therapies, and counseling to children who have been sexually exploited.

We need your help to make this happen. We are currently seeking:

Board Members

Real estate donations

Fiscal donors

To offer support, expertise, and donations, email

Dance Class

Our safe houses are dedicated youth development to children of children suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and depression due to being trafficked. 

The Amour Center provides housing, food, educational curriculum, mental health treatment and medical care to children who have been trafficked and sexually exploited.

We offer art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, grounding therapy, equestrian therapy, and more to children who have been affected by human trafficking.

We are currently building a team of medical health care professionals, counselors, educators, and more to support the most vulnerable community of sexual abuse survivors: children.

To join our team, check back soon for employment opportunities.

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