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Our Mission

Purpose & Objectives

 We are dedicated to creating a world of healing for survivors of sexual assault.


The stigma that underserved survivors face make it virtually impossible to heal, let alone get the support they need and deserve.


In providing sex education with a strong emphasis on consent, understanding trauma, and supporting underserved communities who face sexual and domestic violence, we are able to create a more conscious world that can better support survivors.

Our mission is to support underserved survivors of sexual assault, raise awareness, and offer workshops to educate the public on consent, sex education, and how to support sexual assault survivors authentically.


We believe this is an innovate approach to tackle challenges because our retreat center would be the first of its kind in the United States and this is greatly needed. Survivors require a safe and serene space to heal free from judgement, blame, shame, and persecution. The holistic healing retreat center will allow survivors of sexual and domestic violence to receive healing among peers who have faced similar difficulties.


Child sex trafficking is a devastating problem that affects hundreds of thousands of children every year but there are very few safe houses dedicated to supporting them. By offering education, food, and all of the children’s life necessities, will save countless lives.

Our educational workshops allow us to destigmatize sex, sexual assault, trauma recovery, and consent. It is critical that we educate the public to create a culture of consent, one where rape and violence are not normalized, shamed, or dismissed. Through education, we can create a better world for survivors of trafficking, assault, and abuse.

Our Purpose and Areas of Focus


Rescue children who have been kidnapped, exploited, and/or sex trafficked and provide safe housing

Fund the children's safe houses with holistic healing retreats

Offer medical and mental health support for victims of abuse, trafficking, and assault

Educate the public on consent, sexual assault prevention, and recovery with workshops, classes, books, and professional trainings

Offer spa services, dining, and events for the public and retreat attendees


Pamper our guests and create a one-stop-shop, all-inclusive healing experience.

Provide a pristine and serene environment for retreat attendees

Expand and open more safe houses across the globe as retreats grow in success 

Establish a strong base of volunteers and supporters

Support underserved communities

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