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Amour is a holistic retreat center dedicated to offering a safe space for domestic and sexual assault survivors to recover in a pristine and serene environment in the heart of nature.

Our retreat centers everything survivors need to heal their minds, bodies, and souls after trauma.

We offer a natural approach to recovery and understand that everyone heals differently. 

We pride ourselves at being a gender-inclusive safe space for ALL survivors, not just some and we specialize in supporting underserved and often ignored survivors of sexual and domestic violence, including, but not limited to: the LGBTQ+ community, men, military/ex-military, disabled, people of color, Native American tribes, and people who were assaulted while working in the adult entertainment industry. 

We believe firmly that ALL survivors deserve an equal opportunity at healing in a holistic paradise. 

Amour Center provides just that and much more.

From our spa treatments to workshops, we use a variety of methods to support survivors in their recovery journey.

We look forward to seeing you at our Grand Opening in 2023.

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The best way to heal is to get away from the environment where the abuse took place and retreat to a peaceful place where you can focus on healing or just be. 

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Healing is every survivor's right.


Join a virtual workshop facilitated by our team of trauma-informed experts.

We offer dozens of workshops and classes to help you recover, improve intimacy, and release the guilt and shame often associated with sexual assault.

We understand that many survivors are afraid to identify as such and many are still trying to come to terms with their past traumas. 

If you're not ready to join us in person, we humbly invite you to join us virtually in our online workshops.

This option is perfect for survivors who are still "in the closet" and for those who are unable to travel and join us in-person.

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Monday - Friday



10am - 6pm


10am - 5pm


P.O. Box 304 Atlanta, Georgia

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