Donate to Amour Center and Safe House

You can make a difference in the world and support survivors by making a one-time or recurring contribution to Amour Center and Safe House.

Your donation helps us to offer resources and holistic healing to survivors of  trafficking and sexual and domestic violence.

Please consider making a recurring donation of any amount that feels good to you because this project requires ongoing support.



Amount of money we have fundraised so far! Thank you for your support.

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Recurring Monthly Donations

We need your help to assist survivors and your monthly contribution allows us to do just that.

Your donation assists us with general operations costs so that we can run a sustainable organization.

Remember, no amount is too small and if you are able, please give for those who can't.

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One-time Donations

Help us reach our goals by donating to our GoFundMe page. Every dollar you give is matched by one of our investors. These funds are being used for startup expenses. See details on the donation page and be sure to share with your friends and family!


We would like to formally thank our anonymous angel who donated $22.000 to us for startup expenses. This dream would not be possible without you!

To become a sponsor, please email