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Healing for all Survivors

Amour Center is a nonprofit organization that creates a safe space for survivors of sexual assault to recover in nature with trauma-informed specialists and holistic healing.

We will offer retreats, workshops, classes, events, and more.

Our services are for all survivors of sexual assault, including, but not limited to: Black and Indigenous people of color, women, adult trafficking survivors, men, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, deaf folks, people with disabilities, tribal communities, and those who have experienced sexual trauma while working in the military or adult entertainment industry.


We assist all underserved communities of survivors of sexual assault.

No survivor is excluded. We believe that all survivors matter.

Our safe houses are uniquely for children who have been trafficked and/or sexually exploited and survivors of domestic violence.

We offer alternative treatments, therapy, public workshops, classes, and holistic healing to help those who have been affected by sexual violence.

The retreat center will be located on 100 acres of land that will include a lake, tennis court, theatre, spa, a restaurant, café, and a variety of accommodations.

We offer all these amenities and more to create a well-rounded healing experience for our guests.

Healing is a Human Right

Most survivors feel shame and self-blame when it comes to speaking up about sexual and domestic violence. The ones who are brave enough to report rarely see justice in court. 

Many survivors are revictimized when they share their story by not being believed and by being blamed. 

At Amour Center, we believe ALL survivors deserve compassion and understanding, We believe that healing is every survivor's human right. 

No matter how long ago the assault happened, we are here to support you in your healing and recovery journey.

Amour Center offers a variety of options to support survivors from counseling, to retreats, to online workshops and courses that can assist in rape recovery. 

We strongly believe that sexual assault is never the survivor's fault and we ask you to take a stand and join us in fighting sexual assault by sharing our work with your network and by signing up for our workshops and retreats.

It's never too late to heal. Amour Center is here to support you in your recovery every step of the way.

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From psychologists to shamans, it takes a village to heal survivors.

We believe you.
We support you. 
We are here for you.

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